Car Park

Melrose Drive, Woden ACT, is the setting for an active commercial centre with sweeping glass façades on the Woden Gateway

The centre contains an 850 space multi-level car park and 4,000 m² of commercial development with frontage to Worgan and Furzer Street. The car park screen is a swirling sea remembering the voyage of the First Fleet that sponsored the name of the suburb of Phillip and its buildings, such as the Sirius Building located diagonally opposite.

This commercial structure, consisting of 6 levels of car parking, is really about people. The client and building owner’s vision was to build a ‘place’ where people could go to have good coffee, good food, perhaps tapas and wine after the workday, exercise in a state of the art double-height gym and visit markets on the weekend.
client - demac group
images - kiernan may