May + Russell Architects is a local Canberra practice which is committed to Canberra as the National Capital - we live and work in Canberra; we know Canberra and deliver design excellence through our local knowledge and experience.

The practice that has been operating in its present form in the Canberra Region since its incorporation in 1999. It was formed from a merger between two successful local practices, Butterworth Russell Architects and May Flannery Architects. May + Russell Architects and its founding practices have continually provided architectural services to the community of Canberra for over 50 years.
“May + Russell Architects provided a well coordinated design of high quality and, more importantly, were actively involved in the construction phase of the project. Their staff were very approachable and open to discussion about alternative materials and building methods, in order to improve productivity and lower costs on the project, which was beneficial for both Client and Builder.”

Joss Construction

“May + Russell were the Lead Consultant and lead their team to create a striking and imaginative facilty to engage CCC program participants whilst remaining an extremely functional education facility. We found their profressionalism and attention to detail refreshing.”

Richard Crookes Constructions
“We are absolutely delighted with the enthusiam, passion and professionalism the May + Russell team has brought to the project and the way they have delivered every design milestone and more so far. The feedback from our client, The National Archives, is fantastic.”

DOMA Group

“May + Russell Architects played a major role as part of the larger project team to ensure the Gungahlin Health Community Health Centre was delivered on time and under budget. Their demeanour, professionalism and ability to work with everyone while at the same time not compromising on either project objectives, or other stakeholder’s objectives, was the highest standard I have seen in our industry.”