Franklin School

The first purpose building of it’s kind in the ACT

FECS provides high quality learning, integrated services and family support and participation in a community based environment for children and their families during the all-important early learning years.

The school is also designed for two related but diverse providers, the first being the childcare facility that is open from 7.30 am until 6 pm and the second is the public education facility that addresses the first four years of schooling in the ACT i.e. preschool through to Kindergarten, year one and year two.

“The layout of the classrooms and the interconnection between the collaborative learning spaces and our partner classrooms is excellent. The light and airy rooms, floor to ceiling windows, ventilation and heating enable a year round learning environment.”

Julie Cooper, Principal - Franklin Early Childhood School

The design of the learning environment is based on the core ideas of ‘connectivity’ and ‘rite of passage’. Connectivity between learning spaces visually and physically, as well as linking internal and external spaces are important aspects of the early learning model.
This was achieved in the design by having similar age groups having interconnected playrooms. In addition all playrooms have a strong visual connection to the outside and seamless physical connection to the outdoors. The learning wing footprint is composed of a series of small scale wings linked together via an internal circulation spine, which plays to the notion of a ‘cottage and garden’ setting.