Tuggeranong Introductory English Centre

Kiernan May
Wanniassa ACT

The Tuggeranong Introductory English Centre (TIEC) encourages collaboration, communication and integration; both within the TIEC and with the Wanniassa Hills Primary School.

Tuggeranong Introductory English Centre Entrance

Blade walls that integrate with the awning frame the TIEC entrance and provide solar control to the internal spaces. The walls also protect the entry and other openings from the north / westerly prevailing winds forming a strong architectural element around the entrance. The composition is representative of a comforting arm drawing in and protecting that which is within.

An entry with high ceilings and natural timber finishes welcomes all to the TIEC providing a strong message that the space is an invitation to participate and collaborate with others. The solid element addressing the western aspect is an environmental heat sink to prevent the western sun from bringing discomfort to spaces within. It also acts as a vibrant address and identity for the TIEC from Billson Place.

Tuggeranong Introductory English Centre

The entry location has been considered to take advantage of the existing pedestrian walkway and paths to playground areas, as well as drawing the entry into a zone which is co-located with the outdoor learning area courtyard for the TIEC. The adjacency of all the different spaces and views to different activities in other areas is to engage, incorporate and provide a sense of belonging to all people who come to the TIEC. The colours of the western wall have been derived from native plants, flowers, grasses and trees which are native to the Canberra region to create a fresh and vibrant approach to the TIEC from Billson Place.