The Australian National University Wes Whitten Building

The Wes Whitten Building is a research based facility at The Australian National University. It is designed as the gateway to Linnaeus Way and the College of Science.

As a gateway building the architecture is expressive in both form and finish in order to reflect its significance on this important corner site. The building form is a composition of radiating rectangular prisms acting as a backdrop to street trees that is visually “hinged” at this corner to recognise its pivotal location at the change from the North/South to City grid at the University.

The architectural solution is a building which is embedded in the street-scape, ensuring the dominance of the landscape. The structure also has a massing and detail which can be noticed through the leaves and branches to enable it to perform its’ role as a gateway building. The architecture expresses a subtle blend between technology and its softer natural surroundings.

Photography by Ben Wrigley