Kangara Waters Retirement Village

Illawarra Retirement Trust
Ben Wrigley
Belconnen ACT

Kangara Waters is an Illawarra Retirement Trust facility that provides a total range of care from self to fully assisted care and incorporating it all within one overall community.

The 100 bed Residential Care Facility and 150 Self Care units consists of a combination of multi-story and villa style units that form the total community. It is the model of care that has generated the village concept defining the disposition of residences, spaces for private and community use, and paths and roads that connect them, whilst placing a strong focus of common community facilities at its heart.


The development is located on the eastern foreshore of Lake Ginninderra in Belconnen, ACT. It is this unique and wonderful natural setting in Canberra that has also defined the nature and character of the design as a whole, taking advantage of orientation, views and gradient to connect the facility to its lakeside context and to the wider community of Belconnen through a network of paths through and adjacent to the site.

The village centre accommodates a community centre for social interaction, a reflection room for spiritual occasions and an opportunity for socialising with fellow residents and visiting families.

Kangara Waters incorporates a community centre and therapy centre including a hydrotherapy pool, outdoor heated pool, and provision for physiotherapy and medical services. The 100 bed Residential Care Facility is located in the central sector of the side adjacent to common community facilities. The community centre, therapy centre, medical rooms, hairdressing salon and cafe (open to the public) form and define the “village square” at the heart of the village.