Harrison School

Harrison School is a Preschool to Year 10 school campus, with predominate enrolment of mainstream students and a substantial enrolment of students with disabilities and special needs, all of whom learn together in a supportive and inclusive environment.

The design continues the idea of the “village” complete with its “square” and “streets”. The idea of a “rite of passage” is inherent in the design philosophy of the Masterplan. This idea is an important concept for a Preschool to Year 10 school campus, since a student would start and complete the majority of their education on the one site. Thus the experience a student has on this campus needs to reinforce their development from early childhood to later adolescence.

Gungahlin Secondary School Basketball Court
Photography by Kiernan May
Gungahlin Secondary School
Gungahlin Secondary School Gym
Gungahlin Secondary School Lockers
Photography by Ben Wrigley
Gungahlin Secondary School