The Australian National University Wes Whitten Building

The Wes Whitten Building is a research based facility at The Australian National University. It is designed as the gateway to Linnaeus Way and the College of Science. As a gateway building the architecture is expressive in both form and finish in order to reflect its significance on this important corner site. The building form is a composition of radiating rectangular prisms acting as a backdrop to street trees that is visually “hinged” at this corner to recognise its pivotal location at the change from the North/South to City grid at the University.

The building blends in with the natural landscape and the heavily treed site that is particularly strong along the verges of both Linnaeus Way and Daly Street. The architectural solution is a building which sits behind the treed street-scape, ensuring the dominance of the landscape, but also has a massing and detail which can be noticed through the leaves and branches to enable it to perform its’ role as a gateway building.

The design image is also research facility. There is an expression in the architecture of technology that is intended to complement its softer, blending in role related to the site.

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Photographs by Ben Wrigley